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I feel like a doctor who says to a sick patient, ‘You should never have caught it. There’s now I can do, so I’ll be off now: But that’s rather how it is with builders, I’m afraid.

There are so many bad builders, so many builders who go bankrupt at the drop of a brick, that prevention is far surer than any cure.

How you deal with builders depends on whether you are buying a new home or paying for alterations to an existing one.

New homes

Builders are in a hurry to get houses built to make a quick profit. You’re in a hurry to get a roof over your head before someone else gets it.

In the rush, you’re both likely to get careless only you’re the one who pays for his mistakes.
So unless you want to end up mortgaged to the hilt, living in a shored-up ruin, the first thing you must do is make sure he is a good builder.

The electrics in a house are also very important as faulty electrics cause too many problems. If you want to avoid any problems we suggest that you use an experienced electrician that can help you with the house wiring.

What else has he built and is it still standing? How long has he been in business? What do people living in some of the other places he’s built have to say about them? Knock on a few doors if necessary.

Rule two is don’t buy a new house unless it is covered by the National House-Building Council guarantee. It’s doubtful if you would be able to get a mortgage for one that hasn’t, anyway.

Every home needs a heating system otherwise it will get far too cold in winter to be able to live in that house. If you are planning to live in the house all year round, it is advisable that you install an efficient boiler system to heat your home.

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