Complaints Departments

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Complaints departments are, by their very existence, an admission of a company’s incompetence and failure. They say, in effect, we have so many dissatisfied customers that we have to have a whole department to deal with them. Please take your place in the queue. Unfortunately, complaints departments are no more efficient than the shoe department […]

How To Complain

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There are conventional ways of dealing with all these problems, of course, but only a few of us live that long. This website tells you all the short cuts. You’ve tried asking nicely, and that didn’t work, so from now on, you must consider yourself at war. The enemy are all those people out there […]

The Anatomy of a Complaining

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The Structure of a complaint Complaining someone can vary in scale and intensity from a bang on the ceiling with a broom-handle to a four-month High Court hearing. Before you start complaining, you must therefore ASK yourself what you are complaining about and whether you are morally or legally in the right. DECIDE whether the […]