Complaints Departments

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Complaints departments are, by their very existence, an admission of a company’s incompetence and failure. They say, in effect, we have so many dissatisfied customers that we have to have a whole department to deal with them. Please take your place in the queue.
Unfortunately, complaints departments are no more efficient than the shoe department or the household furnishing department that keeps them so busy.
Manned by professional fobbers-off who have grown accustomed to the appalling misfortunes that befall their customers, complaints departments rarely have either the interest or the authority to deal with your problems as you would wish.
The complaints department – or ‘customer relations’ as it is sometimes euphemistically called – is of course a blessing to those it protects because it gets you off their back into the hands of expert apologists.
But since you didn’t do business with the complaints department in the first place, you should let it be known that their excuses are only acceptable when accompanied by a cheque.

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