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We have been told about the phenomenal power of the market, and of us, the consumer. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of business are competing with each other to get our custom. They will say that are trying to hone their services or products to better meet our demands for quality and respect.

But why is it that I feel so powerless? Why do I feel that my choices are limited? Why do I tolerate being treated so badly?

We thought it was about time someone produced a website that can suggest, simply, how to get things done – How to get past the officious clerk on the housing department counter or the managing director’s over-protective secretary.

How to prosecute the mad maniac who overtook you on the inside at 90 mph. How to twist a computer’s arm (yes, arm) so that it treats you as a human being and not just another number.

It tells you who to complain to when the gas board cuts off your supply two weeks after you paid the bill, and how to give your stroppy bank manger a sleepless night or two.

Whilst we support the National Consumer Federation – the grassroots consumer organisation – we are not affiliated or associated with them in any way. They are a leading voice for grass roots consumers and consumer organisations, representing local consumers, who campaign to improve consumer rights for everybody.

The NCF support front line consumers with neighbourhood issues that are repeated in different regions throughout the United Kingdom. To visit their site click here.

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