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Hard though it is to believe, there is a rule that all advertisements must be ‘decent, honest and truthful’.

The Best Advertising Agencies in the UK

It so happens that Guinness is good for you, but if the firm couldn’t prove it, there would have to be one hell of a lot of pasting-over of hoardings, not to mention a desperate hunt for a new slogan.

Many advertising agencies do promote an honest advertisement and will not have their brand on a false advert. An example of one that we have worked closely with is Exterion Media.

They were well known for their streetliner advertisement on buses in and around the local areas of Manchester. Click here for more information.

Not Every Campaign Is Straightforward

Not all advertisements are as straightforward as the Guinness campaign and many, as you have no doubt discovered to your disadvantage, make extravagant claims that can’t be supported and promises that can’t be kept.

Unfortunately, by the time you find out it’s a con – you’ve been conned. Contact us.

  • TOO LATE you discover that the TV rental firm who promised you a 24-hour service in their advertisement take ten days to send an engineer when your set breaks down.
  • TOO LATE you learn the truth about the miracle acne cure that left you as spotty as it found you.
  • TOO LATE you find that the car you bought because of its advertised 40-miles-per-gallon petrol consumption just about manages twenty – and that downhill with the wind behind.

How To Solve An Advertising Fail

If you feel you have been deliberately misled by an advertisement you should write to the firm concerned demanding that they supply you with the goods or service that they promised you or refund your money.

You should add that you have `taken advice’ and that ‘where seems to have been an infringement of the Code of Advertising Practice.

Tell them that if you don’t receive satisfaction you will refer the matter to the Advertising Standards Authority, but you feel sure that they will wish to avoid involving themselves in the trouble and expense that this would cause them. Alternatively, find out more here.

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