How To Complain

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There are conventional ways of dealing with all these problems, of course, but only a few of us live that long. This website tells you all the short cuts.

You’ve tried asking nicely, and that didn’t work, so from now on, you must consider yourself at war. The enemy are all those people out there who take your money and then don’t come up with their part of the deal. They are the inefficient, the slothful, the rude, the men and women of tool excuses and 1001 broken promises.

If you are having a problem with your builders and you feel that you are unsafe in the work area, check that they have thier CSCS card that proves that they have the required qualifications to work on a building site. Everyone that wants to work in construction are required to pass multiple tests in order to be able to work there and one of those tests includes health and safety.

This is a consumer tactical advice resource. Use it to spread fear and confusion among the ranks of the enemy. You don’t have to be someone to win. You don’t need a public-school accent. You don’t even need a new suit. All you need is determination and a bit of advice.

This website is also for the enemy – while there’s still time for them to come out with their hands up.

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