The Anatomy of a Complaining

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The Structure of a complaint

Complaining someone can vary in scale and intensity from a bang on the ceiling with a broom-handle to a four-month High Court hearing. Before you start complaining, you must therefore

  1. ASK yourself what you are complaining about and whether you are morally or legally in the right.
  2. DECIDE whether the cause is worth a full-scale war or just a local skirmish.
  3. DRAW UP a battle plan to defeat the enemy.

EXAMPLE – An i-pod is playing loudly next to you on the beach.

ACTION Ask the irritant to turn it off or lower the volume. RESULT (a) Victory. (b) Volume is only slightly lowered, thus necessitating further complaint. (c) Refused.
In the event of a refusal (c) there are several alternatives open to you:

  1. SOLUTION ONE:  Throw the i-pod into the sea.
  2. SOLUTION TWO: Call the police and make an official complaint.
  3. SOLUTION THREE:  Move to another beach.

WHAT WE SAY: – Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.

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